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6th Form at Kinver

Last summer was an incredibly successful period for Kinver Sixth Form, with records being broken in terms of both students’ attainment, and the progress they have made with their A-level studies. Staff at Kinver High are very proud of our Year 13 students and the grades they achieved in their examinations. It has been lovely to see so many students scoring such high marks for their subjects throughout Kinver and other Invictus campuses, and then to see them progress onto studies at some of the most highly regarded universities in Britain.

The school received its annual ALPS (A-Level Performance System) Report in September. The ALPS system looks at both Sixth Form students’ attainment and progress in each subject they study and also across the entirety of their course to reflect how well Kinver is performing overall in comparison with every Sixth Form and college throughout the UK. To summarise how this report works; if a school receives a grading of between 9-7 it would reflect underperformance in comparison with other providers, gradings of 6-4 reflect average to very good performance when compared to other Sixth Forms or colleges, whilst gradings 3-1 reflect outstanding performance, surpassing the performance of most other further educational providers.

Everyone at Kinver was delighted when our ALPS Report gave us an overall grading of ‘2’. This means that Kinver is considered one of the best at ensuring our students achieve both outstanding grades at A-level, but also that they make exceptional progress in the subjects they take. A grading of ‘2’, signifies that Kinver is “The one of the best, and amongst the best schools in Britain in regards to our educational provision” and to put this into context, only 10% of Sixth Forms and Colleges throughout Britain achieve this grading.

All subjects taught at Kinver were graded as ‘Outstanding’, with Sociology receiving the top grading of ‘1’ for both teaching, and in relation to students’ progress and attainment. Alongside this Psychology was graded as a ‘2’ for teaching, attainment and progress, and English Literature, History and Product Design were graded as a ‘3’ for teaching, attainment and progress. Subjects taught at other campuses within Invictus such as Business Studies, Maths and Physical Education also achieved gradings of between 1 and 3, indicating that the overall Sixth Form package within the Invictus Multi-Academy Trust is of a very high quality, and gives students the best chance of success in their studies at further education.

These results signify both the exceptional quality of teaching at Kinver Sixth Form, but also how the hard work and care given by staff to our students has enabled them to achieve such success.

Everyone at Kinver High School & Sixth Form is incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together. Now, with a large intake of last year’s highly successful GCSE students, we are looking forward to maintaining our high standards and guiding the next group of students to further success in the future.

Kinver High School and Sixth Form is a community which encourages students to thrive and grow. Through our carefully designed collaboration programme we are able to offer students a breadth of subjects and enrichment activities to enable students to move on to the next phase of their life with the qualifications and skills which will ensure success.

Each student is encouraged to balance their academic studies with activities that develop the skills they can’t acquire in the classroom. Their time in Kinver High School Sixth Form will provide learning opportunities and experiences to enable them to produce an excellent CV. This CV will help students to distinguish themselves when they are applying to university or potential employers. Opportunities for experiences away from school include overseas travel, such as the life-changing visit to The Gambia.

Students can either download an application form from the Invictus Sixth website or by filling in the paper application form in the back of the course guide booklet and sending to the address shown on the form.

Click here for websites students will need when applying to university

Year 12 Parents’ Induction Evening

Please download a copy of the Year 12 Parents’ Induction Evening which contains useful details for parents and students alike.

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Applying for a place is simple, just complete our Application Form and return it to Kinver High School & Sixth Form by the deadline.

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