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October 2018

It has been a pleasure to finally have our new teaching block up and running for students and teachers. There is a really positive feel to the lessons and learning going on in the building which has spread to the whole school.

The refurbished areas of the old block have contributed to this as has the excellent look to the Food Technology room with its new units and design which seems to add space and light to the area. 


We still have demolition-based work to complete in the area of the school replaced by the new building, but when done, this will also be a useful and attractive part of the school site. When this work is complete we can press on with the building of the new sports hall because we have now been granted planning permission for the development. The new sports hall will be a great addition to the school. Its design is attractive and exciting. Most importantly the facilities it will provide will be a great boost for our students and staff. We also look forward to continuing our mission to provide top quality sports facilities by enhancing the area around the sports hall with new pitches and equipment.

In all, the school is quickly changing in appearance and environment. We already have and continue to maximise the opportunities granted us to make a positive difference to the way the school looks so that everybody can benefit from such an improved learning environment.


April 2018

I am delighted to announce that our new building is now complete.  We will be moving in and beginning to use the building as soon as the new furniture and equipment is installed. 

The building will house Maths, English and Modern Foreign Languages.  In addition there is a new staffroom, library, ICT room and Science room.  As such, all staff and obviously all students will benefit from our excellent new facilities.  We will soon begin work on the building of our new sports hall.


December 2017

Over the course of the term, our building projects have progressed and reached an exciting phase.  The main project at the moment, the new teaching block now looks most likely to open after February half term.  We had hoped to open after Christmas but it is certainly worth the delay if it means we can move into the building having had the time to ensure that all planning and procurement is properly in place. 

As most of you will know, our new reception area opened after half term.  This has provided excellent accommodation for our administrative staff and we have a fresh new “front” to the school.  All of our recent visitors have been very enthusiastic and complementary about our new look.

We have just reached the end of our consultation on sporting facilities to go with the new sports hall.  The project itself is likely to begin in March.  We can now compile a report on the level of need identified through the consultation which will help us to plan beyond just the sports hall.  We hope to provide a range of facilities to accommodate a variety of sports and leisure activities.  This will be a project which will realise the sports hall first and then develop top quality facilities over time, for our students and for the local community.


October 2017

The building of our new teaching block is progressing well.  We have a tiled roof and the developing brickwork on the outer walls is beginning to provide a clearer idea of what the finished building will look like.  We are looking forward to having a very attractive building as a key feature of the school. We expect the building will be ready by the new year.

Together with the new teaching block we have redeveloped parts of the Old Block to create a new school office and reception area. It will be open after half term.  Happily, this will be a central feature of the new lay out of the school.  This development will also lead us to make improvements to the spaces between the new reception and the new teaching block. 

As I am sure people now know, we found out just before Easter that our bid for a further phase of building work has been successful.  Planning work has begun on the building of a new sports hall and the development of high class facilities to go with it.  This phase of our development has the potential to transform sporting facilities for our students.  In addition, we will be able to provide the local community with access to these new facilities.






May 2017

On the building front, work on our new teaching block has been ongoing for the past few months.  It is exciting to see the new building taking shape with the ground floor walls in place.  We can now begin to see what the finished block will look like and look forward to the fresh new learning environment for students and staff.

We can now happily refer to the building work as “Phase 1” of our building project due the fantastic news that our second Condition Improvement Fund bid, to build a new sports hall, has been successful.  The amount of money awarded will not only enable us to build a new sports hall but also create outstanding outdoor facilities such as all weather surfaces for a wide variety of sports.  We have great hopes that we can provide these facilities for the students in our school, where we have always excelled in sport.  In addition, we really want to provide recreation and sporting opportunities for the whole community.  I firmly believe we can have a transformational impact in school and the wider community through this ambitious project.  Watch this space!