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Angie's Animal Antics

This term we have had some interesting visitors to Science Club at Kinver High including Angie from Angie’s Animal Antics.

“Angie very kindly brought in some animals for us to see. First, we saw Hettie (an African Pigmy Hedgehog), we all got to hold her if we wanted to and found that she wasn’t as prickly as we thought she’d be. Next, Angie got some insects out. She had brought two female Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches. They were very smooth but most of us found that their feet were sticky. As they walked across our hands, it tickled! We also got to see two centipedes, it was strange as their backs were bumpy and smooth (the texture was like smooth stones layered on top of each other). After that we got to see a Bearded Dragon, he was lazy and didn’t like to move. He enjoyed sitting on our laps as we stroked his back. His back was lumpy and in parts scaly, his belly was cold, and you had to hand-feed him mealworms. 

“Finally, Angie got out a Burrowing Owl, we weren’t allowed to hold him without a glove, so Angie held him, but we stroked him with the back of our hands. She let him fly onto the floor and run after mealworms. He was cute and it was extremely funny to see him run after them. She picked him back up and he flew onto his box. It was lovely to get to see these animals up close and we really enjoyed the visit.”

Report by Isabelle Aldous and Charlotte Lines