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School 'Read for Good' Readathon

At Kinver High School and across Invictus Education Trust (MAT) we are hosting a ‘Read for Good’ Readathon. It has been proven that children who read for pleasure are more likely to be successful and happy throughout their lives (OECD).

We are working with the charity ‘Read for Good’, which encourages children to read through its unique motivational approach inspiring reluctant readers to give reading a go, and keen readers to read more widely.

With a view to encouraging reading, throughout February and until World Book Day on 7 March, students are being sponsored to read.

Students can choose whatever they want to read and set their own rules in relation to how people sponsor them e.g. time elapsed reading, paragraphs/chapters/books read. They can choose to read their own books, books from any English room or the library, comics, newspapers and blogs etc, they are not being assessed, it is reading for fun and promoting reading in all its forms. They might even be inspired by the posters in the classrooms stating what each individual teacher is currently reading.

As a parent/guardian we ask that you take a look at what they plan to read or help them complete their list of books to read. Remember they can read whatever they want. Sharing books is fine too (in fact recommended!) as well as listening to audio books. Plus, you can help your child find sponsors among family and friends.

Students are also being encouraged to complete a review of their favourite book and submit it for a competition in order to win a mystery prize.

Please support your child’s sponsored read as much as you can. As well as helping the child themselves, the money raised will be helping to provide new books for children in hospital. Our school will also receive free books for our library worth 20% of our grand sponsorship total – so there really is something in it for everyone.


·         There will be a cinema voucher for whoever raises the most money for charity in each Invictus school.

·         There will be a mystery prize for whoever writes the best book review across the MAT.

·         The winning MAT school will be announced based on how many students took part and how much was raised.

·         Everyone will get a certificate for taking part.

The winners of the competitions will be announced on World Book day on Thursday 7th March

Happy reading!