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Kinver's netball Triumph

Report by Lola Meyrick

The U15 Kinver High netball team jumped off the minibus and landed straight onto court 1, after being immediately called for their first game. Despite the girls having had no opportunity to warm up, they got straight into it. The opposing team,Windsor, were quick to make passes and attempt a shot. However, our Goal Keeper (Lauren Humphries) and Goal Defence (Caitlin Everton) paired brilliantly to pressure the shooters, resulting in a failed shot. As soon as the netball missed the goal ring, Goalkeeper and Goal Defence worked to re-possess the ball quickly. In order to pass to positions Centre and Wing Attack, who were ready to travel to their goal third. The score finished as a 1-1 draw, which was frustrating since the girls knew they should have won. Nevertheless, their tenacity to improve in the next games offered a pleasing finish.

The following match against Earls was straightforward. In fairness Earls were one player down which allowed Kinver to have a permanently free player, but skillfully they were much stronger. After both halves the score finished as 14-0. Kinver girls were very amused!

Similarly, the match against Redhill was also less testing for the girls and finished in a win 6-0. At this stage the girls realised the likelihood of achieving highly in the tournament was promising.

The girls had agreed that the next match against Dormston was going to be tough. It was important to do well, as a win would put them in the top two. Although they had played Dormston previously and won, Kinver girls had a lot more time to advance the score in the final quarters, after Dormston were leading during the second quarter. On this occasion they only had two eight minutes halves, therefore the girls had to play to their absolute highest standard throughout the entire match. Our PE teacher, Mrs Cosnett, was tensely watching the match on the sideline, whilst offering encouragement and advice. Dormston’s Centre was fierce and obviously hopeful for a win. At this point the sun was directly on the court, it was very hot and everyone was lacking energy. Despite this, the whole Kinver team played exceptionally well. After 16 minutes of panic, we won by a fortunate 3-2. Relief was rapidly replaced by panic. Holy Trinity were our next opponents.

The final match was to determine first and second position for the tournament. After a promising start, the girls were ahead 2-0, which was hopeful, unexpected and exciting. There was a possibility we could come first overall. Our team’s clear communication enabled lots of sharp passes into their goal third. Unfortunately, Holy Trinity’s shooting was unflawed. Time was up, Kinver lost 5-2. Although they had lost the last match, the girls came second and they were extremely pleased. The team has developed by volumes, since the last tournament. Great work. Maybe first position next year?