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Kinver in Hockey Tournament

Unfortunately, hockey in the borough is dwindling in most schools. At the moment we lack good hockey facilities until our new sports facilities are built at Kinver High. With this in mind, we entered two Year 8 teams into the only tournament in the area on Monday.

Our Year 8 girls worked very hard in Monday night’s hockey tournament. Considering these girls have never played hockey, only uni hoc, which is a completely different sport, they achieved so much.  Our A Team comprising: Olivia Sullivan, Millie Harris, Kathryn Hastings, Izzy Turner, Maddie Baker, Izzy Hampton and Grace Bridges, fought all the way through to a crucial 4-a-side extra time playoff.  This battle was immense and the organisers thought a goal would have been scored in 2 minutes, but it went on for at least 10. Izzy Hampton saved about 10 attempts at goal in that 10 minutes. They did brilliantly and finished 3rd out of 8 teams.

Our B team comprising: Yasmin Clift, Amelia Smyczek, Sophia Smith, Milly Lingard, Rosie Harris, Mia Beck and Lucy Green, was faced with the winners of the whole tournament in their first game - King Edwards VI Five Ways School. This made them a little unsteady to begin with, but they made a massive improvement in the next two games and scored some fantastic goals. They came 5th out of 8.

Well done to everyone!