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Kinver High School and Sixth Form is a community which encourages students to thrive and grow. Through our carefully designed collaboration programme we are able to offer students a breadth of subjects and enrichment activities to enable students to move on to the next phase of their life with the qualifications and skills which will ensure success.

Each student is encouraged to balance their academic studies with activities that develop the skills they can’t acquire in the classroom. Their time in Kinver High School Sixth Form will provide learning opportunities and experiences to enable them to produce an excellent CV. This CV will help students to distinguish themselves when they are applying to university or potential employers. Opportunities for experiences away from school include overseas travel, such as the life-changing visit to The Gambia.


Application Deadline - Friday 15th December

Students can either download an application form from the Invictus Sixth website or by filling in the paper application form in the back of the course guide booklet and sending to the address shown on the form.


Click here for websites students will need when applying to university



Year 12 Parents' Induction Evening

Please download a copy of the Year 12 Parents' Induction Evening which contains useful details for parents and students alike.



 INVICTUS Sixth Form Prospectus 2018  



INVICTUS Sixth Form Course Booklet





Advanced Level Examination Results 


A Level Results 2016-17

Applying for a place is simple, just complete our Application Form and return it to Kinver High School & Sixth Form by the deadline.

Application Form


Please see the Course Booklet above, the application form is on the last 2 pages.



Bursary Information and Application


Examples of Discretionary Bursaries (Criteria 2)

Rotary Club Bursary Application

Application form Vulnerable Student Bursary (Criteria 1)

Application form Discretionary Bursary (Criteria 2)

Bursary fund application form

Bursary Fund Policy

Letter to students Bursary Funding 2016 - 17


Please email for further information.