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Year 7 Catch Up Strategies 2017-18

For the first time, we have introduced a new teaching group into Year 7 for those students who need extra literacy and numeracy to cope with the demands of Secondary Education. 15 students were identified on entry and have been following a modified curriculum to support transition. TA support is consistent across the group. The curriculum consists of:

English (2 extra hours a fortnight)

Maths (2 extra hours a fortnight)

Science (1 extra hour a fortnight)

Humanities instead of discrete subjects

No MFL until Year 8


Year 7 strategies for catch up in literacy

Our approach to literacy catch up is well established and is based around 3 systems.

1. The group of students mentioned above have a strong literacy element in their English lessons including weekly spellings and a spelling test, guided reading style activities, scaffolded resources and they follow different literature texts to the rest of Year 7. We also use reading Lab if appropriate.

2. Reading Buddies. A peer mentoring scheme runs in morning registration twice a week where a prefect or an A level English student has been matched with a Year 7 student identified as having a low reading age.

3. Extra students identified as weaker in English (based on KS2) are withdrawn to study spellings, grammar and targeted Spag work once a week. We also use Lexia reading online


Year 7 strategies for catch up in numeracy

The group of students mentioned above have a modified Scheme of Work. We are giving them 'life skills' lessons the first half term we were using money, including costing, working out change, using special offers in shops etc. This half term we are telling the time, using both digital and analogue clocks, reading calendars etc. We also do lots of times tables practise in lessons to improve counting skills.

Extra students identified as weaker in numeracy (based on KS2) are withdrawn once a week. They are given a baseline test and then the sessions are personalised to support their progress in maths lessons. Basic numeracy skills are developed.


Curriculum Year 2016/17

Funding for the finance year 2016/17 - £8414 for 98 pupils

Last academic year our Year 7 catch up funding was spent as follows:

  •          TA providing additional literacy and numeracy support
  •          Reading scheme for groups
  •          Book & Card scheme
  •          New books
  •          Lexia program





Outcome / Impact

Additional TA support for pupils.


Additional TA support used to target and support groups of pupils with additional Literacy and Numeracy intervention.


Reading Scheme


Reading Lab2 purchased to support pupil development.


New Reading Books.


Dockside reading resources purchased to support pupil development.


Lexia Program


On line resource for reading strategies used for pupils.