House Art Competition

As part of our enrichment programme 32 Y7-10 students were off timetable for a day before Christmas to complete artwork based on the theme of ‘Through my Eyes’. This theme is part of a wider art competition organised by Kinver’s Rotary club, ‘Young Rotarian Art’ Competition. Students collected their own photographs and researched around this topic during lunchtime art club. They explored the idea of ‘first person’ art and photography, discovering that many of the artworks have interesting perspectives which show the audience what the artist is seeing.

Mrs Jarman, Head of Art, said: “Our students were exemplary on the day and worked together well. They enjoyed working on an extended piece of artwork and showed their creativity in interpreting the theme. Their work showed a great maturity as materials were used in a sensitive way. I am pleased that our students were ambitious and achieved excellent outcomes.

“I would like to thank all the students who took part, they are really good art ambassadors for the school. I hope to invite more students to springs Enrichment opportunity, so watch this space.”

Work will be on display in school. The House Art part of the competition has been judged and contributed to students’ house points.

Year 7 Winner and Highly Commended

Zoe Ruffle – For the theme ‘Through my eyes’ I drew my cat Clive as I love to look at him and he is a really loving cat. I drew it from a first person view, I included my foot to show that I am very close to him and that I love him.

Lilyanne Smith – My work fits the theme ‘Through my eyes’ because I like looking at butterflies and flowers. I did this in first person (a part of my body is in this piece of artwork). I like colour and have exaggerated this in my magnifying glass.

Year 8 Winner and Highly Commended

Emma Gwilliam – I decided to paint me taking a photograph with my phone. This was at Kinver canal. I did the background black and white to make the phone stand out more.

Georgina Pincher-Bradley – I took a photograph of my feet to show the things I do daily. I like to go on walks a lot so I do this action a lot. I used my favourite shoes and a brightly coloured pop art background to contrast with the black and white.

Year 9 Winner and Highly Commended

Rhianna Morrison – I decided to do my first person art through the perspective of a phone to represent how our society is seen. I blurred out the background to focus on the phone and how peoples’ lives are based, through technology.

Niamh Woodall – I have portrayed the theme through my eyes by painting a self-portrait of myself looking through a mobile phone. I have done this to show that people now tend to use technology to see such beautiful places, such as Paris.


Year 10 Winner and Highly Commended

Jolyan Davis – I have represented the theme by completing an image of people eating. This is an everyday scene that we see. I was interested by the shapes the food made from a plan perspective. Hands are included to create a fist

Lucy Noble (Year 9) – The painting is of me looking into the future seeing how polluted the world is. Because our future is bright but pollution shines brighter on our world, it’s showing how things can change massively in a period of a few years.