Kinver’s Vision, Value & Ethos


“At Kinver we work as a team to provide a positive and purposeful environment. Our community is built upon trust, mutual respect and compassion for one another. We have high expectations of everyone; we value our students, staff and parents. Each member is nurtured and supported to develop academically, socially, emotionally and morally to be the best they can be. Every interaction between its members is well planned, deliberate and meaningful. Learning happens everywhere in our school, in a variety of different ways. We learn from each other by following the positive examples set by others; as a result, we all flourish and develop into society’s role models.”

Values and Ethos

We believe that:-

  • Learning should be engaging, active and inspiring.
  • The views of parents and students are vital as we aim to provide an outstanding education for each and every student.
  • That high expectations of behaviour, dress and effort are the foundations on which every student can build success.


Kinver High is a school that uses its relatively small size to great effect. Students feel that they are not just one of a large number; our students are not lost in the crowd.

We recognise the need to personalise our teaching to get the very best out of each individual student and challenge them to reach their potential, even if at first they don’t believe this to be possible. In the classroom we strive to provide engaging opportunities for group work and independent learning, rather than just listening to the teacher. We recognise the importance of providing students with effective and regular feedback on their work in order for them to improve and make good progress.


Kinver High is a highly successful school, and since becoming an academy, we are working closely with our Invictus Education Trust partners to increase our capacity further in providing the best possible education for all of our students. We do not measure success purely by academic attainment. Our curriculum is designed to suit the needs of individual students and we seek to develop positive character traits such as integrity, honesty, responsibility and perseverance.

We are immensely proud of the students we teach and of the adults they become during their time with us.