Kinver’s Vision, Value & Ethos

At Kinver students develop into well-rounded confident, independent, resilient and high   achieving outward thinking individuals. Everyone is valued, recognised and given the opportunity to shine, discover new talents and understand that individual and collective endeavour is rewarded. Learning happens everywhere in our school.

At Kinver students know that hard work leads to success and that they will be expected to demonstrate resilience, kindness, integrity and respect at all times, both in school and life. Our students will  always be encouraged to seek out new challenges,fulfil their high aspirations and make a positive contribution to society.

Engage, Succeed, Aspire to Lead

This dictum guides all that we do. By choosing to study at Kinver High, you can be assured that your child will be challenged to achieve their very best academically and will be supported and encouraged to develop the moral, social and emotional intelligence to succeed outside of the classroom in a wide variety of ways. Kinver High is a school that uses its relatively small size to great effect. Our students are not lost in the crowd.

We recognise the need to personalise our teaching to get the very best out of each individual. Ours classrooms provide engaging opportunities to work and learn in groups and we believe that effective and regular feedback helps our students to improve and make good progress.

We believe that our ambitious curriculum and wider opportunities for enrichment, leadership and personal development ensures that all of our students are equipped with the skills and acumen to become tomorrows leaders and to continue to always aim, to be the best that they can be.

At Kinver we believe that:

  • Learning extends beyond the academic and should be engaging, challenging and inspiring
  • Every student is a valued member of our community, to be nurtured, developed and encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • All students can be successful in a wide variety of ways and that the recognition and celebration of such achievements drives forward further success.
  • The views of parents and students are vital in providing an outstanding education for our students
  • High expectations of behaviour, dress and effort are the foundations on which every students can build success

We are immensely proud of all the students we teach and have taught, and would encourage anyone who shares our values to come and join our family at Kinver High.

A day in the life of Kinver High School