BMX Star at Kinver High

Well done to year 9 Kinver student Sasha Pardoe, who has excelled at BMX over recent times.

She entered The NASS Festival International Women’s Open Free Style BMX Competition in the week before the school summer holiday. She rode really well, especially as the ladies she rides against are at least 5 years older than her. She placed on the podium in silver medal position, showing how constant a rider she is as she was placed in silver position in 2018 as well.

She did so well that she picked up a sponsor called ‘The LAB’ who design and supply clothing to the BMX scene.

Sasha also entered the first BMX Freestyle National Championships, where Charlotte Worthington who is on the British team and selected for the 2020 Olympics, took the gold medal.

Sasha was allowed to compete but due to a certain British Cycling ruling Sasha is too young to ride in the Olympics (she has to be 16 years old). However, they allowed her to ride the qualifiers … she made the final! Unfortunately, rules apply and Sasha couldn’t ride the final.

The British coaches were there and definitely took notice as they have started to follow Sasha on Instagram, watching her posts and have been very complimentary about her riding.

‘The Back Yard Jam’ is a series that is run across Britain’s Skate Parks with a prize that takes the winners on an expenses paid trip and entry in to the ‘Simple Session’ which is held in Estonia and is a major international BMX event.

Sasha gained podium places in every event and went on to win the Women’s Final. She also gained an even bigger sponsor called ‘Tall Order’ who have now provided her with a new BMX and clothing and invited her to be a team rider!

Tall Order are a big name in the BMX scene and is run by an amazing and accomplished rider called Sebastian Keep who is himself sponsored by ‘Red Bull’.

The future is looking very good for Sasha and she’s very happy that her hard work is starting to pay off. Well done!