Coalbrookdale History Visit

Last Friday our Year 11 History students visited Coalbrookdale. They were able to visit a number of key sites within the towns of both Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge in order to help them prepare for their Local Site Study GCSE exam in History.

The day allowed them to have a greater appreciation of the environments created by the Darby family, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the significance of Coalbrookdale in regards to shaping the world we live in today.

History teacher, Mr Fox, said: “Our students represented the school wonderfully. We were very proud of both their conduct and the way they approached the different tasks that they were set for each of the 14 different sites that we visited throughout the day. Hopefully the work conducted on this trip goes some way towards helping them with their summer examinations, and also continuing the excellent successes of the History department here at Kinver High School.”