Sports Fixtures and Clubs

Kinver High is well renowned for its sporting prowess. Participation rates in sport at Kinver are exceptionally high. Our wide open spaces provide wonderful outdoor sports facilities along with a very well-equipped sports hall. The school has teams of all ages in the major games. These teams compete in the local league and cup competitions. It is our policy to give every student the opportunity to represent their house or school in a sporting activity. The students not only develop desirable social skills and attitudes towards lifelong participation in sport, but also gain physical fitness. Playing for a school team also develops high standards
of self-discipline, appearance, commitment and reliability and respect for others through teamwork.

Kinver High has a well-established house system comprising four houses: Grey, Lee, Somery and
Whittington; all take their name from families with local associations. House competitions take place in a
range of sports throughout the year culminating with the annual Sports Cavalcade in the summer term
which involves all staff and students. Houses compete for the Allen Cup which is awarded to the house with
the greatest number of points in all competitions.