School Life

House System

Kinver High prides itself on its very active House System whereby all staff and students are assigned to one of four houses.

Our well-established house system comprising four houses: Grey, Lee, Somery and Whittington; all take their name from historical families with strong local associations.

Each house is identified by a colour

GreyYellow – the Grey family of Enville Hall

LeeRed – the Lee family who donated Kinver Edge to the National Trust

SomeryGreen – John de Somery, Earl of Dudley

WhittingtonBlue – the famous Whittington family of Whittington Manor House

As well as regular inter-house competitions throughout the year culminating in the annual Sports Cavalcade in the summer term, houses compete in the year long house point competition for the Allen Cup. It is awarded to the house with the greatest number of points.