Kinver Science Students meet Angie’s Animals

Last week, Angie from Angie’s Animal Antics came in to show our Science Club students at Kinver High some amazing animals which she had brought in.

Year 8 student, Poppy Lyndon, said: “All the students were really excited and had been looking forward to it very much. First, we were introduced to an African hedgehog – she let us hold it, stroke it and then gave it a run-around on the floor. It was really cute!

“Next, she showed us a small treefrog. It was very sticky and could even climb up the wall. We then met a cute little chinchilla – it was a fast runner and very fluffy. She let us have it on our laps and it jumped to each of our chairs. The lady told us that if it was frightened the chinchilla would lose all its fur and would be bald, and also that you should never get a chinchilla wet because they are so fluffy.

“Furthermore, we then met a small turtle it was able to fully close into its shell and had beautiful patterns on the back of it. Finally, she showed us a burrowing owl, we stroked it and it hopped around on the floor. Every time she showed us an animal, the lady let us stroke and hold it, told us about where and how they live and answered any questions we had. Everyone really enjoyed this and had a great time.”