Kinver Students meet Award-Winning Artist

Last Thursday our year 10 and 11 GCSE RE students visited St Peter’s Church in Kinver where an award-winning artist Jake Lever was exhibiting his work ‘Loving, hurting, dreaming.’

This was a collection of art work inspired by his Christian faith. Students were able to explore the themes within his artwork and reflect upon how Christian beliefs were depicted in his collection.  We were joined by the team of school chaplains who made us feel very welcome and encouraged us to share our own ideas with them.

Some of our year 10 students made the following comments:

James Hadlington said: “‘Today was awesome because we got to meet Jake the artist and discuss his work with him.”

Luke Bastable said: “I haven’t been to church in a long time.  It was very different to how I thought it would be. It was good to be able to learn out of the classroom.”

Connie Hadlington said: “It was good to see how others deal with pain and cope with life. It made me think about the difference in how other people connect with each other and themselves.”

Artist Jake Lever praised our students: “I thought they were sensitive, perceptive and extremely mature.  Their comments and responses indicated a depth of engagement that was really impressive.”

Humanities teachers, Mrs Spooner and Miss Hawthorne were extremely proud of how our students engaged with the lesson and hope to continue to build-in future opportunities to visit the church in lessons. Thank you to everyone who welcomed and supported us at St Peter’s.