Kinver University Challenge

Before Christmas we hosted an inaugural Kinver Sixth Form ‘University Challenge’ competition. It was brilliant to see over 250 students who had been rewarded with a free afternoon in the lecture theatre cheering on their house as they went for glory! The event was a great success, and our Sixth Formers were able to showcase the knowledge and understanding that they have gained from their A-Level studies.

Grey House were represented by: Y13 Lily Fox (captain), Y13 Katie Langman, Y13 Maddie Elbro, Y12 Erin Morrison

Lee House were represented by: Y13 Amy Langstone (captain), Y13 Ben Thomas, Y12 Freya Read, Y12 Jess Grainger

Somery House were represented by: Y13 Noah Evans (captain), Y13 George French, Y12 Becca Scott, Y12 Poppy Blackadder

Whittington House were represented by: Y12 Olivia Tonks (captain), Y13 Jade Griffiths, Y13 Aaron Howles, Y12 Tom Badland

After a gruelling 45 minutes of questions that 6th Form teachers throughout Invictus had provided, Somery came out on top, with Grey finishing second, Lee third and Whittington 4th.

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Fox, said: “I was incredibly proud of all of our Sixth Formers for having the courage to go on stage in front of nearly half of the school, and for the amazing breadth of knowledge they all displayed when answering the very challenging questions. But I was also proud of all of the students in the audience, who supported their house fantastically, and behaved impeccably throughout, showing why they were able to be rewarded with this end of term treat.

“I look forward to future 6th Form House competitions, and then our Sixth Formers going on to challenge the rest of the schools within Invictus at the Invictus-wide University Challenge we hope to host later in the academic year!”