Rugby Win against Prince Henry’s

Congratulations to our Invictus Rugby team who played brilliantly against Prince Henry’s of Evesham yesterday and won 36-0.

Head of PE, Mr Wilkes, said: “Prince Henry’s High School are traditionally a very good rugby school and the last time we played them we lost 50-0. We were 31-0 up at half time and cruising so I made a few changes to even the game up. During the second half we took a bit of a battering but managed to stand our ground and keep a clean sheet. This gave us our second clean sheet in a row, which is quite unheard of in the rugby world.

“The lads have done really well this year and are making a crazy amount of progress in terms of their ability and their attitude. The Year 11 boys have stepped up and really held their own.”

Well done to everyone who played!