School Life

Careers & Raising Aspirations

Careers education starts in year 7 but the main focus is in KS4 and KS5. We have a collapsed timetable day with a careers focus where KS3 start to think about careers. Careers is the focus for year 10 Activities week and all year 11 students carry out 5 days work placement, which is introduced by work on Health and Safety.

Collapsed timetable

Year 7.

  • Superhero Day– Students will appreciate that everyone has different skills; qualities etc and these skills may affect the career choice they make later on in school.

Year 8

  • Real Game– Students will appreciate that different jobs that have come from different levels of qualifications can lead to different lifestyles in later life.

Year 9

  • Option Interviews with parents and students

Year 10

  • Pizza Enterprise Activity– Students work in teams to plan, design and market a new Pizza Restaurant. They discuss target market, marketing ideas, budgeting, and packaging. They also make a pizza!

Year 11

  • Mock interviews with local employers

Year 10 activities week

Careers based week of different activities that starts the students thinking about post-16 education. These activities things include:

  • Application forms
  • Interview technique
  • CVs
  • Part time jobs and the Law Visit to a college or University Prelim for Work Experience,
  • Careers fair with local providers, employers, colleges and universities Different levels of qualifications and progression routes. Apprenticeships
  • Group careers interview
  • Careers questionnaire to identify need of support
  • Enterprise activity.

Careers Advice

Helena Lawson is an independent Careers advisor who the MAT employ. All Year 11 students have a 1:1 meeting following the year 10 questionnaire. Students have follow up appointments as appropriate. Records of all applications made.  PP students and SEND students more regularly.

Sixth formers who are not thinking of moving on to University are also seen on a 1:1 basis.