Open Day 2020 Bookings

Welcome to the bookings page for our Open Day 2020 Events.

Our Open Day is completely full, if you would like to see our school, please email to book an individual tour and chat with a member of the school’s leadership team

Please click on the link below to book a spot for your child on our upcoming COVID-19 secure event. Please note, you only need to add the name of your child on the booking. Due to social distancing measures we are allowing a child and up to 2 parents/carers (no more than 3 in total) in each party.

We do not need you to add parents/carers name to the booking, only your child. We cannot wait to meet you!


Kinver High School Celebrate GCSE Results!

Kinver High School GCSE Results- Headteacher, Nikki Clifton

We are delighted to announce a set of thoroughly well-deserved GCSE results of our Year 11 2020 cohort in probably their most difficult of all school years.


Our students have worked tirelessly throughout their five years of secondary school education at Kinver and have demonstrated tenacity and resilience this academic year. We are immensely proud of our student’s wonderful achievement and progress today.

80% of our students achieved a Grade 4 or better in five or more subjects which opens the door for them to continue their education at their chosen Sixth Form! 76% of students attained a Grade 4 or above and 52% Grade 5 or above in both English and Maths.

Special recognition goes to:

Isabelle Taylor 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7

Lola Meyrick 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7

Lauren Humphries 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

Mia Thornley 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7

James Hodges 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7

Outstanding progress was made by Isabel Partridge, Luke Boden, Ellie Southall, Ashley France, Tom Ridley

We would like to congratulate our students, staff and families on their success today and hope that they all enjoyed their Mr Whippy celebration ice cream courtesy of the Headteacher, Mrs  N Clifton.

Invictus Sixth Kinver Campus Students Celebrate Incredible Results!

Kinver High School Campus

We are delighted that the hard work, achievement and efforts of our Sixth Form students and their teachers has been recognised and rewarded by the A-Level and BTEC grades awarded to students today.

  • 87% of all grades awarded were at A*-C Grade or equivalent and around a third of all grades were A*-A Grade or equivalent.

Special recognition goes to Ellie Jackson (currently in Holland as part of Team GB Ski) who attained 3A* Grades in Art, PE and Psychology. Other high attaining students were: Harvey Bowen; Harrison Dines; Lily-Mae Fox; Leah Gilson Smith; Jade Griffiths; Faith Imerson Wood; Eva Kapnisis; Izzy Kilkelly; Amy Langstone; Abby Smitheman; Abigail Totney; Jacob Vulcans-Bloomfield and Morgan Woodward.

Mr Fox – Head of Invictus Sixth Kinver Campus


School Minister Recognises Invictus Schools Contribution

On Monday 6th July we had the absolute pleasure of receiving a letter from Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System, Barroness Berridge of the Vale of Catmose!

In the letter the Baroness thanked us for our response to the lockdown following the Covid-19 outbreak. Most satisfying is the specific nature of the recognition; in the letter, which can be found on the link at the bottom of the article, Baroness Berridge commends our online learning platform which has seen hundreds of thousands of student attendance in the past 3 months, you can click here to see our celebratory videos and virtual learning statistics. The Baroness also praised the support we gave to our most vulnerable students, to ensure they have the technology required to access our online platform. There is also a mention for our innovative and comprehensive solution to supporting year 6 children with transition to our schools with our virtual tour and inductions.

The reason we have worked tirelessly during this period is because as Invictus Value One states: Every day, in every way, our students come first, but we do welcome recognition, especially from such a key figure in education.

We certainly feel the praise is well deserved for everyone within the Invictus community, our teachers, support staff, parents, carers and of course students. We are all passionate to continue working collaboratively and effectively in the coming months as we hopefully return to a situation a little more familiar!

Letter to Invictus Education Trust 3 July 2020

Virtual Assemblies

We will post all of our upcoming virtual assemblies on this page:

A Message from our Chair of Governors, thank you John!:

Invictus Virtual Assembly 22/04/2020 – Mrs Clifton:

Assembly 1 03/04/2020 – Mrs Spooner:



Kinver Coronavirus Support

Help is on offer for residents of Kinver and Enville.

There is local support for anyone who is in isolation, elderly, high risk, a key worker or in need of help due to the Coronavirus.

Please call 07783 631137

Please call the above number if you are interested in volunteering or helping in any way. Thank you.