School Life

The Kinver Award

The Kinver award is a unique initiative aimed at evidencing the amazing things that our students do each and every school day. The Kinver award is one of the ways in which we recognise and reward our students who exceed our expectations.

All students work on the award from Year 7 through to Year 10, with each year group having a different set of criteria to meet and different awards to achieve. As students move through the school the criteria to achieve each award becomes more challenging.

Each year group is working towards getting badges at the end of every term.

  • Year 7 – Bronze Kinver Award.
  • Year 8 – Silver Kinver Award.
  • Year 9 – Gold Kinver Award.
  • Year 10 – Platinum Kinver Award.

For each award there are 5 strands:

  1. Curricular
  2. Extra – Curricular
  3. Community (this links in with D OF E that students get involved in)
  4. Attendance /Punctuality
  5. Careers

When students join Kinver they are given a ‘Kinver Award booklet’ that they keep with them during their school life. Students use this to evidence how they meet the relevant criteria in addition to supplying evidence to their form tutors.