Science Week at Kinver High

British Science Week is the UK’s biggest science celebration and at Kinver High our students have been taking part in a lot of lunchtime activities to celebrate it. These have included a poster competition, sci fi cinema time, crazy experiments and a famous scientist quiz.

There was a heart dissection table, and a table where the children made and demonstrated their own sparklers, there were also some splints dipped in potassium nitrate, copper nitrate, sodium nitrate and strontium nitrate, when placed above the Bunsen burner they produced different coloured flames, this was called ‘the flame test’. They were able to watch a crackle and pop demonstration and the flaming hand by Miss Hodgetts.

There was also a table showing animal skeletons, fossils and some mummified animals. The bottles in the redox reaction were clear but when you shook them they turned blue if left, they turned clear again.

All of our students had a lot of fun!!

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