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Welcome to the Student Council section of the website, here we hope to keep you informed of the latest developments from the Year Councils and the Whole School Council.  You will be able to find some of the work that the Council Members have undertaken to make the school a better place for everyone who attends here.  Please feel free to talk to your Year Council Representatives about your ideas on the ways that we can work together to improve the school. Remember, these ideas are then developed and taken forward to the School Council, which reports back to the Headteacher and the staff. Turning student voice into STUDENT IMPACT!



  • To represent the students at the school

  • To discuss any issues that concern the student body

  • To bring any relevant issues to the attention of the School’s Leadership Team

  • To make recommendations to school staff based on the opinions of the pupils represented


There will be more updates like this so you can see the basis of the meetings which take place at Year and Whole School Council level.  If you want to add your opinions on the Anti-bullying policy please speak to your Year Representatives.


Year 7

Morgan Read (7G)

Abbey Barnbrook (7G)

Poppy Griffiths (7S)

Rohan Hemming (7S)


Year 8

Anna Clayton (8S)

Cailan Bate (8S)

Thea Hunt (8W)

Oliver Powell  (8W)

Kyle Markey-Thomas (8L)

Millie Barlow (8L)

Roan Webb (8G)

Evie Darby (8G)


Year 9

Nicky Randhawa (9W)

Dan Quarry (9W)

Corey Marsh (9G)

Amy Lloyd (9G)

Grace Robinson (9S)

Sebastian Reid (9S)

Nyall Stelling (9L)

Molly McParland (9L)


Year 10

Ben Thompson (10G)

Jamie Bruce (10G)

Jack Moylan (10G)

Iwo Dokszewicz (10L)

Tegan Hands (10L)

Josh Luckhurst (10S)

Sam Lingard (10L)

Summer Mander (10S)

Adam Dyas (10W)

Scott Dillon (10W)


Year 11

Lola Meyrick (11G)

James Hodges (11L)


Student Coucil