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Emergency Closure

Emergency Closures


In the case of severe weather conditions, or indeed any other emergency, we may need to close the school. In the event of severe weather, this is a decision which can often only be made early in the morning, unless otherwise advised by the authorities.


When making a decision we are conscious of the need to balance the health and safety of students and staff making potentially hazardous journeys against the loss of a school day. Additionally, the bus companies can decide separately not to undertake their services because of their own risk assessment. We will always endeavour to be either open with a full school, or closed, but may need to prioritise any students or year groups undertaking public examinations, the result of which would be a partial closure.


When a decision is made we will send a text message and post the information on our home page. We will also contact local radio station – Free Radio’s School Line (FM wavelength 97.2 MHz 01902 461260).