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We are a Good School - OFSTED 2021!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I take great pleasure with sharing our official OFSTED report with you. Although we had received drafts of the report, it has now been published on the OFSTED website for all to see. Since joining Kinver High School in December 2019 I have made it my mission to provide a ‘Good’ (or better!) education for our community following a decade of ‘Requires Improvement’ judgements.

What I found was a team of staff and a school full of students all prepared to do the difficult work it would take to get there. It has been an incredible 2 years with so many improvements to all areas of school life, this has been reflected in a huge increase in applications for 2021 and this coming September. I would like to thank the entire team here at Kinver High School, all teachers, support staff and of course the leadership team, along with the team from Invictus central team who offer us incredible support, every day.

Due to previous judgements the inspection in December was extremely detailed, with ‘deep dives’ into most subjects including lesson observations and met with all leaders of curriculum areas. Typically only a handful of departments are selected for this added scrutiny, but inspectors carried out deep dives in English, mathematics, modern foreign languages, history and geography. We are very pleased that our team’s teaching and students’ learning shone under this level of scrutiny.

Finally I would like to extend my gratitude to the people that we work so hard for, our students. They are a magnificent bunch and we are so proud of them, they give a brilliant first impression of our school and OFSTED agree: “Pupils are polite and courteous at this warm and welcoming school”.

This report is just the one of the many positive steps that have been taken, and will be taking place at our school. The hard work continues and it is a privilege to serve this wonderful community!

Mrs N Clifton


Kinver High School

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