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Other Extra-curricular Clubs

In addition to sports and performing arts Kinver offers a range of

other clubs and groups for students to join



The Art department is a bright and busy place to be offering a range of Arty and creative clubs for students. At key stage three each term students work on a different project, for example a Monet plate painting challenge, or a paint a giant burger challenge. Students also have the opportunity to get involved with several competitions including House Arts competitions and with the Rotary club including: Young Artist of the Year and Young Photographer of the year, which are then judged at County and National Standards. Much of student’s work is showcased in Kinver Library.


Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks gives students the opportunity to develop public speaking and debating skills. We discuss topical issues and prepare Youth Speaks teams for public speaking and debating competitions run by Kinver Rotary Club and Invictus MAT. Kinver's Youth Speaks teams have a very successful track record of winning competitions and getting through to regional finals with our speeches on various topical issues ranging from sexism to drug use to surveillance. If you are opinionated, interested in the world and enjoy articulating your point of view to others then come and discuss your ideas with us!


Kinver High Eco Group

Formed in Autumn 2019 inspired by the growing global environmental movement. Students meet weekly and undertake a variety of activities.

Some of the work we have done so far includes a bake sale which raised over £100, half of this money was donated towards the Australian Bush Fire response efforts, the rest of this money was used to purchase four recycling bins to be put around school. These four bins will be for crisp packets and confectionery packets. The recycling is collected and then weighed, the more the weight the greater the money we raise for Mary Stevens Hospice in Stourbridge.

The aim of the group is to make school, students, teachers and staff more environmentally friendly and to reduce the impact that we are having on the planet.

Logo designed by Niamh Woodall in Lee House.

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