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Broadening a student’s education through enrichment opportunities is at the heart of school life at Kinver High. We offer students a broad, diverse and interesting range of opportunities to be involved with in addition to the curriculum.


At Kinver High School, we believe that academic success and the personal development of students are of equal importance, giving them the skills, knowledge and drive to be the “best they can be”. For this reason we have incorporated our wider opportunities and enrichment programme into an extended school day. This way, we can ensure that all of our students, have access to a range of unique, elite experiences that will help to develop them into well-rounded, successful and confident young adults and future leaders.

Research has shown that when students engage with extra-curricular opportunities, not only does it improve their academic success, but it also broadens perspectives, improves social interaction and develops essential life skills that are highly valued by employers. In addition to this, it helps build a more comprehensive resume of experience that will demonstrate to prospective employers a wiliness and drive to extend learning beyond the classroom.

As part of our enrichment programme, students will be able to develop their leadership skills through our comprehensive student leadership opportunities and be part of one student leadership group or activity. The Student Leadership programme has been developed as the result of students, teachers and support staff working together to create opportunities for our students to build confidence and raise aspirations. This supports the school’s aims to be a place where all students enjoy learning and nurture their creativity, try new things, find solutions to problems and embrace responsibilities.

In addition, our staff will also be running clubs like our incredibly successful STEM club. Here students get the opportunity to further develop their skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, building up their skills in these areas outside of the classroom across year groups, to achieve the nationally recognised CREST awards.

Additional clubs and activities include: F1 Academy; Baking and Cake Decoration Debate Club; Board Game Club, Fashion Upcycle; Young Entrepreneurs; Performance Club; Kinver Choir and Orchestra; Ethics and Politics Society; Martial Arts; Dance and Cheerleading; Spanish, French and Mandarin; Mindfulness, Digital Leaders; CSI Investigators; Film and Media Club; Literacy Champions; Young Journalists-The Edge Magazine and Green Panthers Conservationists Club.

Sport has always been a huge part of our enrichment program and we do not plan on changing this. As part of the P7 enrichment timetable, our Physical Education department are going to continue running a substantial range of sporting activities, making excellent use of our new, state of the art Sports Hall.

During these extended days, there will also be opportunities for students engage with external agencies and activities such as Duke of Edinburgh and the Combined Cadet Force. These clubs work to develop student’s confidence, resilience, leadership and self-discipline – all key skills and traits that mould young people and prepare them for their future.

Our goal is for all of our students to become proud, active members of Kinver High School and to positively contribute to their community and the wider world. Through our extended provision, students will be supported, challenged and encouraged to develop personally, nurture their talents and interests and discover new ones. We want our students to become confident, multi-skilled and versatile young people who stand out from the crowd.

For further information on our CEIAG please contact Mrs Mouzer - Assistant Headteacher :

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