Broadening a student’s education through enrichment opportunities is at the heart of school life at Kinver High. We offer students a broad, diverse and interesting range of opportunities to be involved with in addition to the curriculum.

With an extensive number of lunchtime clubs, sports and performing arts opportunities, school trips, competitions and occasions to be involved within the village community there is something to suit each and every student.

Participation rates within enrichment and extra-curricular is high at Kinver High with plenty of students opting to be involved with multiple clubs and groups.

We recognise that learning extends beyond the classroom and value the critical role that enrichment has in broadening student horizons, raising their aspirations and developing their own personal skills such as resilience, confidence and independence and seek to support all students in finding a part of school life outside of the curriculum to be involved with.

"Education is not just about the gaining of knowledge and the acquisition of skills but the basic aim of our schools is to aid the personal development of all our students in the fullest sense."