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Our Vision, Value & Ethos

At Kinver we ensure that all students develop into well-rounded confident, independent, resilient and high achieving outward thinking individuals, who are proud of their school, its values and reputation. Everyone is valued, recognised and given the opportunity to shine, discover new talents and understand that individual and collective endeavour is rewarded. Students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, characteristics and learning behaviours to enable them to set aspirational and challenging goals. Students feel safe, supported, respected and recognised; becoming happy, successful young citizens who contribute to their communities, seek out opportunities and continue to always aim, to be the best that they can be. 

Engage, Succeed, Aspire to Lead


Our dictum guides all that we do and by choosing to study at Kinver High, you can be assured that your child will be challenged to achieve their very best academically, as well as being supported and encouraged to develop the moral, social, and emotional intelligence to succeed outside of the classroom in a wide variety of ways.


Kinver High is a school that uses its relatively small size to great effect. Our students are not lost in the crowdWe recognise the need to personalise our teaching to get the very best out of each individual. Ours classrooms provide engaging opportunities to work and learn in groups and we believe that effective and regular feedback helps our students to improve and make good progress. Our ambitious curriculum and wider opportunities for enrichment, leadership, and personal development ensures that all of our students are equipped with the skills and acumen to become tomorrow's leaders and to continue to always aim, to be the best that they can be.

Reassuringly, our priorities are clear as to what we feel makes us, a successful school. We believe that: 

  • Pupils need to feel safe and happy​

  • Pupils should be fully engaged and immersed into a wide range of learning activities 

  • Opportunities should be provided both in and out of the classroom 

  • All pupils, regardless of ability, should be given every opportunity to achieve their full potential 



We are immensely proud of all the students we teach and have taught and would encourage anyone who shares our values to come and join our family at Kinver High.


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"Our communities will have access to an outstanding education.


Our schools and 6th form cater for the social, economic and cultural diversity that our country is comprised of and deliver opportunities and experiences that celebrate that diversity.


We are to be locally based, but nationally important."


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