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Student Leadership

Student Leadership


Engage, Succeed, Aspire to Lead 


Student Leadership is integral to the ethos of Kinver High School. We strongly believe in equipping students with the skills and personal qualities needed to become future leaders. It is our aim that all students have the opportunity to contribute to Kinver’s community by taking on a leadership role during their time with us. Students are encouraged to take an active part in shaping the future of the school through taking on leadership roles. At Kinver, we value the role our students take is shaping the future development of our school and ‘Student Voice’ opportunities provide the means for all of our students to be heard, (either through our Student Council or Student Leadership groups) improve their oracy and confidence and all opportunities for this, are encouraged and celebrated.


Our leadership opportunities are visible to students and we hope all students aspire to take on more challenging roles as they move through the school. We have many students who join us in Year 7, already aspiring to become prefects in Year 11, having previously taken on leadership roles at their primary schools. We welcome, celebrate and nurture this ambition. 


Student leadership is open to all students and applications to become part of the Student Leadership Team are made on a fair and inclusive basic. Our Student Leadership groups are ever increasing, and we are always open to new ideas from students who want to establish new groups.




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