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Along with literacy, numeracy needs to be at the forefront of every pupils’ learning.  The message sent around Kinver High School is a positive one, about being able to apply numeracy skills not only in their mathematics lessons but also across other subjects. We aim for other subject areas to be consistent and in line with methods derived within their mathematics lessons.









In each mathematics lesson students will be expected to apply their numeracy to skills to their ‘Do Now’ task, which will also aim to re-inforce the knowledge they require for progression through their mathematics curriculum.  We also believe that the input parents/carers can play in supporting this is vital, getting children to add up shopping bills, calculate times of arrival on journeys, average speeds, looking at charts and tables in articles/news items etc are all vital in developing skills and confidence in numeracy.


At Kinver High we have a calculations policy which is shared with the other Invictus Schools.  This has been developed with primary schools to ensure we act on and follow the methods students have been taught previously, developing them where necessary.



Math Formulas

Basic numeracy skills

  • Understand mental strategies and use them to successfully breakdown questions.

  • Write legibly putting mental strategies onto paper.

  • Have a growing mathematics vocabulary to aid with more wordy questions

  • Ensuring all scales/graphs/charts are fully checked before starting the questions.

  • Applying the skills of mental/written/graph work to other subjects.

  • Develop in confidence and self-expression, do not be fearful of making mistakes.

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