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KS4 Options

Our Options Process for KS4 choices begins in the spring term of year 9.

Our guiding approach to the options process at KS4 is to ensure students are well-supported in making the right choices for them at KS4 with an aim to ensure all students pathways are aspirational.

Our robust options process includes a student & parental careers evening, a CEIAG immersion day with an options focus and student advice & guidance interviews to ensure students are well-informed and supported as they make their choices.

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Careers Immersion Day

The Careers immersion day is an excellent opportunity for our year 9 students to get to grips with the options process in more detail.

The options process will be shared with students in detail, they will take part in activities supporting their decision making. They will also have the chance to begin to explore some different careers and pathways using a platform call Unifrog. This is platform they be able to access from home and throughout the duration of their KS4 study so we do encourage you to get your children to share this will you also.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in two taster lessons of subjects they do not currently study at KS4 or which are different at KS4. Students will be asked to complete a feedback survey after there immersion day and this will allow us to highlight any students who may need further support with the options process early on.


Careers Evening

Our Careers evening shares the options process with students, parents, & guardians and allows them to speak with subject staff about the courses on offer at KS4. In addition, a range of external providers join us; such as colleges and universities to help students explore their future career choices.

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What our Parents said about our Careers Evening

‘Overall was fab very informative and beneficial’

‘The whole evening was so informative, I personally felt the external providers added the next level.  Thank you so much to all the staff who organised a fantastic evening’.


‘Amazing evening and really helped. The school offers such a brilliant variety of options and really helped my son make choices that will be best for him and his future.’


‘Meeting college and university representatives to talk about options and what GCSEs were needed for different courses was fantastic. Very inspirational’. 


‘The whole evening was exceptional. The presentation was excellent and timed perfectly. The attendance of the external providers and careers organisations was very well provided and they were very engaging. Keep up the good work in being a forward-thinking school’


‘For me it was the feeling that the school were making a genuine effort to inform parents and encourage engagement’.

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