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How can you help?

One of our parents has contacted school with an incredible offer to coordinate the delivery of much needed humanitarian aid to Poland for refugees of Ukraine, through Redditch based company Controlo Cargo.

From Monday 7th March, we will have a container available in reception at school for any donations to be received. Students or parents can bring donations into school and leave them at reception.

We are welcoming the following donations:

- Dry foods with long expiration dates

- Coffee, tea

- Canned food

- Candles

- Disinfectant wipes

- First aid supplies

- Rain ponchos, foil blankets, fire blankets

- Batteries

- Packable tents and items for cover

- Cushions

- Toiletries

- Any baby and infants supplies (food, clothing, blankets etc.)

In addition to this, if anyone would like to make financial donations to support the cause, we will be sharing a link next week to enable you to do this.

Your support with this appeal would be much appreciated!

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