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Invictus Sixth: Kinver High School campus celebrate success yet again!

Invictus Sixth students and staff at Kinver High School campus are, once again, bursting with pride as they celebrate Year 13 students’ impressive achievements in the first set of validated results since 2019. The impact of Covid and the interruptions that this has caused have been truly unmeasurable, yet our students are the ones who, until this summer’s exam series, had not sat any external exams because of the interruptions to their GCSE years arising from Covid. We are extremely proud of both our Year 13 students and our team of staff’s resilience, and our remarkable set of 2022 results. There is no doubt that our students have demonstrated tenacity and a dogged determination to succeed despite the disruption and challenges recent years have inevitably brought them. Our staff have been relentless in their focus, drive and support of our students, and are testament to our primary Invictus value: ‘that every day in every way our students come first’.

We would like to congratulate all of our students, their families and our teachers on their achievement this year, in both our academic and vocational qualifications.

Special recognition for outstanding achievement goes to: Lucy Brookes, Caitlin Everton, Hollie Felton, Kai Ledington, Lillie Parker, Tom Ridley, Jack Shilvock, Isabelle Taylor, Robyn Taylor, Nathan Tune and Jacob Willetts.

We are pleased that the high level of qualifications that have been achieved has enabled our students to secure their university, employment or training opportunities of their choice. We now look forward to hearing about their future successes as they now go on to realise their aspirations and we build alumni networks with them.

Mrs Clifton Headteacher commented “I would like to thank all of the staff, students and their parents and carers, who have worked together as a team throughout to achieve these well-deserved results under the most challenging of circumstances. Congratulations to you all on your hard-earned success. These results build further on the school’s successful Ofsted inspection in December 2021.”

Now the team is looking forward to continuing this upward trajectory with future students at Invictus Sixth.

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