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School Opening Plans For Friday 10th March

Dear Parent / Carer,

I am writing to update you on our plans for school tomorrow. Whilst, roads are now clearing, you will be aware that it is predicted to freeze overnight, and further snow is forecast from the early hours into rush hour.

Since I wish to avoid the encountered difficulties of today, I have therefore in consultation with our school coach service providers taken the decision to delay our opening until 10.30am tomorrow morning for Kinver High students in Years 7-11. Invictus Sixth Form lessons will commence at the usual time of 9.15.

This will allow the students, families and staff to travel outside of rush hour when the most significant snow and disruption has passed. I hope that you will all understand and support what we feel is a sensible and safe response to the current forecast. Our updated coach pick-up times are outlined at the end of this email.

Should anything more significant occur overnight, I will obviously update your further. But we fully expect to function as normal for all students from 10.30 am tomorrow morning. We will continue with our planned non-uniform day and would remind all students to bring their Easter egg/chocolate donation as planned.

Kind regards

N Clifton

10/03/2023 Late Start Timetables


09:30 Stourbridge Road/Heath Drive

09:31 Broadwaters Drive/Rose Theatre

09:33 Chester Rd North/Villiers St

09:35 Cheser Rd South/Barnetts Lane

09:38 Stourport Rd/Clee Ave

09:40 Sutton Rd/Brinton Park

09:44 Wolverley Rd/Lowe Lane

09:46 Wolverley Seabright Walk

09:55 Cookley Orchard Grove

09:56 Cookley Tesco Stores

09:57 Cookley Red Lion Stores

09:58 Castle Rd/North Lodges

10:15 Kinver High School


09:30 Belle Vale/Hill Close

09:31 Belle Vale/Vue Close

09:35 Lower High St/Five Ways

09:37 High St/Woodland Avenue

09:38 High St/Sun St

09:40 Amblecote Rd/Thorns Avenue

09:41 Amblecote Rd/Acres Rd

09:42 Amblecote Rd/Hudswell Dr

09:43 Hillfields Rd/Sandringham Way

09:45 Turners Lane/Sainsburys

09:47 Brettell Lane/Crescent Ave

09:48 Brettell Lane/Hawbush Rd

09:50 Brettell lane/Audnam

09:51 High St/Brierley hill Rd

09:53 The Old Cat Inn bus stop

10:15 Kinver High School


09:45 Grange Rd/New Farm Rd

09:50 Heath Lane/Corser St

09:51 Norton Rd/Mary Stevens Park

09:52 Whittington Rd/Everson Rd

09:53 The Broadway/Windsor Rd

09:54 The Broadway/Gigmill School

09:55 The Broadway/Gigmill Way

09:58 Bridle Rd/Bridgnorth Rd

09:59 Bridle Rd/Vicarage Rd

10:00 Vicarage Rd/Hyperion Rd

10:15 Kinver High School


09:30 High St/Tennison St

09:33 Salop St/The Shrubbery

09:35 Priory Rd/Mayfield Rd

09:38 Goldthorn Hill/Deborah Close

09:40 Penn Rd/Church Hill

09:43 Station Rd/The New Inn

09:46 Common Rd/Sych Lane

09:48 Wombourne Rd/Falklands close

09:51 Dudley Rd/New St

09:53 Moss Grove/Kingswinford Cross

09:54 Stream Rd/Glynn Ave

09:55 Stream Rd/Auckland Rd

10:00 Lawnswood/Middleway Avenue

10:15 Kinver High School


09:45 Wynall Lane/Grove Rd

09:46 Oakfield Rd/Coppice Ave

09:47 Gauden Rd/Sandhurst Ave

09:48 Pedmore Lane/St Peters Rd

09:50 Ham lane/Chawn Park Dr

09:52 Glasshouse Hill/Junction St

10:00 Bridgnorth Rd/Wollaston Junction

10:02 Vicarage Rd/Eggington Rd

10:15 Kinver High School


09:50 S/B Bus/Foster St East

09:53 Worxester St/Plough & Harrow

09:54 South Rd/South Avenue

09:55 South Rd/Studley Gate

09:56 High Park Avenue/South Rd

09:57 High Park Avenue/Park Road

10:00 Stourton Village Hall

10:15 Kinver High School


09:10 Enville The Cat Inn

09:13 Four Ashes/Rock Cottage

09:14 Four Ashes/The Lodge

09:15 Four Ashes/Bradbury Lane

09:21 Bobbington Church

09:25 Halfpenny green/Gospel Ash Rd

09:28 Smestow Lane/Pine Views

09:29 Smestow/Smestow Lane

09:32 Swindon Community Centre

09:37 Himley Plantation Lane

09:48 Lawnswood Little Oaks

09:54 Stourton Village Hall

10:15 Kinver High School

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