Food Technology

Welcome to Food Technology

In Year 7 Food you can expect to cover a range of food related topics as well as making some different food products.

For many of you, this may be the first real opportunity you have had to cook in school, so we want to make sure you know how to do so safely and produce good quality food products that you and your family will enjoy eating.

The lessons will cover basic food hygiene and safety, you will learn about how we use different pieces of equipment, how to weigh and measure ingredients and how the oven can be used to create different products.

We will also be teaching you about healthy eating and the Eatwell guide so that you are aware of what foods we should try and include in our diets.

Through the different practical tasks, you complete, you will be able to put some of this into practice. In Year 7 we cook a range of dishes such as vegetable cous cous salad, savoury scones, mini fruit cakes, apple crumble, fruity flapjack and mini savoury tarts. By cooking these foods, it will allow you to develop your practical skills as well as being to organise yourself and your work area and work to a strict time plan.

We also run our version of the ‘Bake off’ at Kinver, so hopefully, many of you will want to get involved with that.

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