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Work Experience

Work Experience completed in the Autumn term of year 11 is a fantastic opportunity. It gives you a real insight into the world of world, allows you to gain experience in a range of different settings compared to a school and helps prepare you for the working world beyond full time education. For some students it may also help cement their decisions about future study or and help them consider their future career aspirations. Work experience offers students the chance to gain experience in a variety of situations they would not normally experience at school and is something you can add to you CV; employers look favourability on students who have completed work experience as it demonstrates that you are motivated about your future.


Work experience can provide you with:

  • An insight into different careers you may be interested in.

  • The chance to develop ‘employability skills’ or ‘soft skills’ that are required not only in the workplace, but in life these include communication, working with others and problem solving.

  • The opportunity to ‘have a go’ in an area of potential interest

  • Enable you to improve your social skills, be more independent and take on more responsibility.

  • Increased self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence

  • Increased motivation to continue with your studies or an understanding of which study pathway to take next.

  • It may lead to part-time employment or casual employment

  • Valuable experience to add to you CV

Resources - Information:

🔗Work Experience Information Booklet

🔗Student Placement Booklet


Resources - Forms:




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